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The paper presents a new element of the periodic table D.I. Mendeleev number zero.This element is stable, in its natural form it is widely found both on Earth and inspace. It is proposed to call it UKRANIUM Ua0. . Ukrainium Ua0 is the zero element in D.I. Mendeleev’s periodic system of chemical elements  Author and creatures of theory: Olexandr Kucherov, Andrii Mudryk.  1.1. Information forces create a hurricane.   Among all natural catastrophes which take place on Earth, the greatest danger is caused by hurricanes/cyclones. Long-term studies conducted by the National Hurricane Center, Colorado State University, National Oceanic, Atmospheric Administration and many other groups [14], allow us to learn deeply the spectral and thermodynamic materials. But as there is no adequate model, the frontal attack on the hurricanes, adopted by “Storm Fury” and conducted for twenty years – from 1963 to 1983 – ended in a failure.  2.1. Problems of the…

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